We're on a mission to help thought leaders break free from burnout without selling out

Lindsay Tan, CEO and Founder

We create toolkits to empower academic thought leaders when they're looking to overcome obstacles.

Our founder, Lindsay Tan, is a best-selling author and award-winning strategist whose expertise has been featured in places like Forbes, Reuters, Faculty Focus, Homes & Gardens, CBC, and NBC. Her strategies, systems, and toolkits are used by high-performing teams around the world. Tens of thousands more have benefited from her books, workshops, programs, and seminars.

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Get clear about where you sit on the burnout spectrum.

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high performers & thought leaders in ACADEMIA

are at the highest risk of chronic burnout

from burnout to brilliance in 90 days is a transformational, action-oriented, and purpose-driven program to help you:


Get rapid burnout relief to the areas you need it most without fear of dropping the ball, selling out, or losing track of what matters most


your unique brilliance into a clear, focused, specific strategy that nurtures your wellbeing, happiness, career success, and financial security

Take action with support

with the expertise, experience, and step-by-step guidance needed to take massive, meaningful progress toward your goals without uncertainty or overwhelm

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Get rapid burnout relief with an experienced guide on the side.


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I’ve been where you are and it took me a long time to build the toolbox and support systems I needed to channel my unique brilliance into crafting a rockstar career in balance with my quality of life.

Now I’m here to help you achieve the same, but faster and with less stress. 

Ready to break free from burnout and rechannel your unique brilliance so you can do work you love and live the lifestyle you really, really want?

We don’t do sales pages. We won’t try to entice you with limited discounts or tricky bonus offers. Our founder and team leader, Lindsay, prefers human-to-human conversations in which we decide whether we’re a good fit to work together on your burnout problem.

Here’s how the process usually works:

Not sure whether you’re ready to address your burnout issues? Don’t stress; let’s just start with coffee and see how it goes.

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From Burnout to Brilliance in 90 Days is built on the core lessons my team and I have used to help over 20,000 professionals build rockstar careers in balance with a lifestyle they really, really want.

In consultation with dozens of established professionals, I’ve further refined our time-tested and proprietary process to focus on exactly what high-performing thought leaders need to break free from burnout and reclaim their lives (and sanity) without selling out or letting go of what truly matters to them.

Here’s a high-level overview of our three phase process:

Would you be open to learning more? If so, let me offer you a personal needs assessment and free consult call to see whether you are a good fit with this program.

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In our in-depth consult, we’ll discuss the results of your Client Needs Assessment and then dive deeper into strategies and resources available to you.

If, through that process, we both agree that you’re a good fit for what the program can offer, and you’re ready to get started, then you’ll receive an enrollment package with everything you need to take action.