"If I'd had this program a year ago I wouldn't have had to quit my last job."

“pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way possible"
M., Interior Designer

"it works" - T., Professor

"it's brilliant" - S., Assistant Professor

one of my life long mentors, always willing to lend a listening ear and some wisdom and guidance

"an excellent teacher and communicator, even in the mysterious field of professional development"
- A., Certification Reviewer

"Her approach is not just about alleviating burnout symptoms; it's a comprehensive strategy that empowers individuals to rediscover their passion, realign their goals, and achieve success without compromising their well-being or core values."

"Without your help, I think I'd still be stuck in that same place, burned out and bitter that I hadn't taken the risk while I still had the energy to see it through."

"not just impressive; transformative"

"an invaluable guide in navigating the complex landscape of academic success"

She is an intuitive leader. She is patient and focused. She is challenging and will push you toward deadlines while cheering you on with encouragement the whole time.

"one of the most unique and formative experiences of my career"
- K., Interior Designer

"Not only is she a very considerate, hard-working, and approachable teacher, but she is such a fun and humorous person to be around."

"a rare blend of practical wisdom, compassionate support, and actionable steps that lead to real, lasting change"

"From an academic background, the information you're providing is profound"
- M., Instructor

Are you struggling with burnout? If so, you’re not alone.

Others have been where you are and they have found the strength to break free from burnout without selling out. For them, that process started with a 100% sales-free coffee chat where we unpacked their current reality and explored their options.

These consults help a lot of people, but only those who are a good fit for this program are encouraged to sign up.

Looking for a little support and burnout relief? Click the link below to reserve your space on my calendar.